Three Ways You Could Damage Your Car Accident CaseMany individuals in Nashville with legitimate personal injury claims end up unknowingly sabotaging their cases. Harmless mistakes may give the insurance company a reason not to settle or a jury to rule against your favor.  Protect your rights during a car accident case with the help of our Nashville auto accident lawyers. A team of knowledgeable attorneys helps clients take the right actions to ensure their case runs smoothly.

Common mistakes that could damage your car wreck claim

Three common mistakes that can damage your car wreck case are:

  • Not seeking immediate medical attention. After your car wreck, go to the hospital right away. Any delays in medical care may seem suspicious, even if you did not experience symptoms right away. An insurance company can argue your injuries are unrelated to the accident.
  • Dealing directly with insurance companies. Do not sign anything from an insurance company without speaking to an attorney first. Avoid telling the insurance adjuster anything about the accident. Even a simple statement can ruin a claim. Refer them to your lawyer.
  • Failing to retain legal counsel. Trying to represent yourself during a car accident claim is almost always a mistake. The insurance companies have top attorneys fighting their cases – you need to compete with the help of an experienced Nashville car accident attorney. Remember, if your lawyer does not win the case, he or she is not paid.

Consider the following when pursuing an auto accident lawsuit

When pursuing an auto accident lawsuit, save all medical records and related documents. Keep every hospital, doctor and medical specialist bill that you incur. Take pictures of the accident scene directly after the collision. Being meticulous and prepared avoids future problems.