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If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a Tennessee head-on crash, you want an experienced Nashville head-on car accident lawyer on your side. Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is exclusively dedicated to protecting the rights and futures of injury victims and families throughout Tennessee. We work with investigators, the police, accident reconstruction professionals, and thoroughly question everyone involved in the crash to show what happened and who should be held accountable.

What are the different types of head-on crashes?

Head-on crashes happen because one driver made a big mistake. A few types of head-on crashes involve a driver:

  • Traveling the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Attempting to pass by shifting into an oncoming lane without allowing enough time or distance for the pass
  • Entering the wrong on- or off-ramp or entering the wrong exit
  • Crossing into an opposite lane of travel due to intoxication

Some intersection accidents may also result in a head-on crash. Many head-on crashes happen on rural roads where there is often just one lane of travel in each direction and the lighting is poor.

Why do head-on crashes happen in Tennessee?

Some of the causes of head-on crashes include:

  • Driver intoxication
  • Driver fatigue
  • Aggressive driving
  • Lack of familiarity with the roads
  • Bad weather
  • Confusing detour or roadway construction signs

A multi-vehicle accident can also cause a head-on crash, such as when a car rotates 180 degrees after an initial crash and then strikes a second vehicle.

Why are head-on collisions catastrophic accidents?

The front end of most modern vehicles is designed to crumple on impact, absorbing the energy of a crash and keeping it from transferring to the driver and passengers. But in a head-on collision, the crumple zone may not be enough to protect you – especially if you aren’t wearing your seat belt or if your airbag doesn’t deploy (or deploys with too much strength).

Head-on accidents are much more forceful than rear-end crashes because of the comparative speeds of the vehicle. If one car is traveling at 30 mph and is struck by a vehicle coming from the opposite direction which is traveling at 40 mph, the effective speed of the vehicles at the time of the accident is 70 mph. If the 40 mph car strikes the 30 mph car when both cars are traveling in the same direction, the effective speed of the vehicles at the time of the accident is just 10 mph. So, the head-on crash is seven times more forceful than the rear-end crash.

What types of injuries do Nashville head-on crashes cause?

Head-on car crashes often cause catastrophic injuries that require a lifetime of physical and mental pain. Many victims have permanent injuries. Our Nashville head-on accident lawyers represent victims who have severe injuries including:

  • Broken facial bones, leading to necessary reconstructive surgeries, either from the force of the airbag or from a person ejecting out of the car through the front window
  • Lacerations on the face or body
  • Traumatic brain injuries from the force of impact on the skull, potentially leading to a concussion, a comatose state, or permanent brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries or severing, leading to partial or total paralysis
  • Traumatic amputation/loss of limb
  • Broken arms and legs
  • Crush injuries of the extremities which necessitates amputations
  • Vision and hearing loss
  • The death of the driver and/or passenger(s)

Many of these injuries could require weeks, months, or even years of care, and some people in head-on collisions need medical attention for the rest of their lives.

On behalf of the survivors of these accidents, we seek compensation for all your current and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, loss of function, and scarring and disfigurement.

On behalf of the families of loved ones who were killed in a head-on crash; our Nashville head-on collision lawyers file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation for your economic losses, funeral and burial costs, and the value of the comfort, support, and guidance your loved one would have provided.

Who is responsible for a head-on collision in Tennessee?

The defendant who strikes your car or the car of a loved one is primarily responsible for your injuries or the death of your loved one. At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we examine whether other parties may also be responsible. Additional defendants could include:

  • The owner of the vehicle that struck your car, if different than the driver. For example, parents may be liable if their teenager caused the crash.
  • The employer of the driver, if, for example, a trucking company hired a driver to transport cargo and the truck driver caused the crash.
  • A seller of alcohol, if the driver’s intoxication caused the accident and the seller knew the driver was visibly intoxicated when the drink was sold or the driver was a minor.
  • The Tennessee Department of Transportation or other governmental agencies/entities, if poor or confusing road design caused the accident.
  • Other drivers may be liable if they caused an initial collision that forced the driver that ultimately struck your car into your path.

Additional defendants may be liable depending on how the crash happened.

What happens if the driver faces criminal charges?

Some head-on collisions are so egregious that the driver who struck your car is charged with a criminal offense, such as reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In these situations, we coordinate your civil claim with the criminal case. A conviction in a criminal case or just the evidence that is gathered by the police is often helpful in your civil case.

Why is your firm the right choice for my head-on accident claim?

At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we have successfully represented injury victims all around the state, helping to recover millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We use the latest technologies to enhance our cases in front of juries as well as minimizing the amount of time clients must wait for discovery, responses, or paperwork. We also take a team approach to practicing the law, so our clients always have people available to take their calls, answer their questions and keep them up to speed, and they always have the security of knowing that their lawyer is available to them at any time during the day or night.

We don’t accept low-ball settlements for our clients because we know they deserve more, and we never stop fighting unless we know your rights and your future are safe and secure. We may not be able to heal your wounds, but we do fight hard to ensure that you have the best possible chance at recovery and at a happy and healthy life with your loved ones.

Do you have a head-on collision accident lawyer near me?

Our Tennessee head-on accident lawyers see clients at our two Nashville offices located at:

  • Nashville – Mainstream Drive, #105
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Our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers fight to obtain full compensation for all your injuries. We work with your doctors to understand every way your life is more difficult because of your head-on crash injuries. We work with families to show just how wonderful your loved one was and how much she/he will be missed.

Our Nashville attorneys put your future first after a head-on collision

Rocky McElhaney Law firm is one of the most respected injury law firms in Nashville. We have a strong record of impressive settlements and jury verdicts. If you were hurt in a head-on collision, we have the experience and skills you want on your side. To make an appointment for a free consultation with a head-on collision lawyer in Nashville, East Nashville, Hendersonville, or Clarksville, please call  615-425-2500 or fill out our contact form.

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