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Taxi, Uber or Lyft Accidents

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Taxi, Uber or Lyft Accidents

Nashville Car Accident Attorney Helping Passengers Injured in a Taxi, Uber or Lyft

Serving victims of crashes involving ridesharing vehicles in Nashville, Hendersonville and Knoxville, and throughout Tennessee

Because of their convenience at the tap of your smart phone, ridesharing app car services such as Uber and Lyft have become an incredibly popular method of getting around Nashville, Knoxville and other cities in Tennessee. As easy as is it to grab a ride using Uber or Lyft, if you should suffer an injury while riding in one, it is not that easy to figure out who is responsible for your injuries.

Of all the different types of car accidents you could get involved in, getting injured as a passenger in an Uber, Lyft, or in a taxi cab, might be the most complicated. At the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, our skilled Nashville car accident attorneys are here to fight for your right to recover compensation when you have sustained an injury in a crash in a taxi or a ridesharing vehicle.

Who is liable when you are injured as a passenger or when your car gets hit by a Taxi, Uber or rideshare driver?

Determining liability for a vehicle accident can be a bit complicated, and when it comes to a passenger in an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, the person at fault for the crash could be:

  • The Uber or Lyft driver
  • The driver of another vehicle
  • The auto parts manufacturer, if a defective product led to your injuries
  • Other passengers in the ridesharing car

At a time like this, it is helpful to have the services of a knowledgeable Nashville car accident attorney who will investigate the crash, determine who is liable for your injuries and hold those at fault financially responsible.

Rideshare insurance and Tennessee law

In Tennessee, the Transportation Network Company Services Act (TNCSA) (T.C.A. 55-12-141) became effective in January 2016, and it requires rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber to meet specific legal guidelines for car insurance for their drivers. This new law requires the rideshare companies to provide liability insurance when drivers are on the clock with the app, and it helps to account for any gaps in coverage between the driver’s personal car insurance and the rideshare company’s insurance policy coverages.

The law also requires ridesharing companies operating in Tennessee to provide at least $1,000,000 in liability coverage when the driver is engaged in a ride that was prearranged through the app. Taxi cabs must also have liability coverage for passengers who suffer injuries in the event of a crash.

If the rideshare or taxi driver was behaving negligently at the time of the crash, such as driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, if they were distracted and got into a crash, or if they were speeding, driving recklessly, or any other kind of negligent behavior, the driver may have to rely on their personal liability coverage.

How can a car accident attorney help if I get injured in an Uber or Lyft accident?

If you have been injured as a passenger in a taxi cab, or in an Uber, or Lyft, you may not be sure whose insurance will be covering your injuries and losses. More than one party could be at fault, so how do you know how to proceed? An experienced attorney from the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is prepared to discuss your legal options and represent you as you pursue fair compensation after your injury. Whether you settle with the insurance company, or go to trial, we will protect your interests to the end.

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Call Rocky at 615-425-2500 or contact the firm online to schedule an initial consultation when you have been injured in a taxi, Uber or Lyft traffic accident. From our offices in Nashville, Hendersonville and Knoxville, the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is proud to represent clients throughout Tennessee. Our experienced Nashville car accident lawyers are here to represent you and fight for the results you want.