Helping Victims of Surgical Errors on the Path to Recovery

Nashville attorneys who hold surgeons accountable for their negligence

The decision to have surgery, whether out of necessity or not, is always an important one. Every surgery carries risks, and patients have the right to expect the highest levels of care and professionalism from those who operate on them. When a healthcare provider is negligent or careless, however, the patient may develop life-altering injuries, illnesses or conditions as a direct result.

At the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we help people just like you who fall victim to a negligent healthcare provider. We have the skills, the resources and the experience to help those whose lives have been irreparably damaged because of surgical errors or defective medical devices. We are the authority in Nashville, Knoxville and Hendersonville, Tennessee when it comes to personal injury, and we know what it takes to win a medical malpractice case.

Common examples of surgical malpractice

Because surgery can be a bit precarious even in the hands of the most experienced doctors, it is imperative that procedures are undertaken with vigilance and care. And yet every year, patients in Tennessee and throughout the country are harmed because of:

  • Surgeries performed on the wrong body part
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Improperly sterilized tools
  • Defective medical devices or products
  • Surgeons who are distracted or too tired to operate safely
  • Failure to monitor a surgical patient’s vital signs after surgery
  • Leaving foreign objects in the patient’s body
  • Surgeries being performed on the wrong patient
  • Unnecessary procedures

Even the seemingly smallest errors can lead to heart-breaking complications. A miss of the scalpel can leave a patient with permanent nerve damage. Too much anesthesia could lead to a coma. Leaving a patient unattended or unmonitored may cause a doctor to miss signs of sepsis. In the most tragic cases, negligence can lead to the wrongful death of your loved one.

When you’re suffering as a result of medical malpractice, you want an attorney who understands what is truly at stake. The attorneys of Rocky McElhaney Law Firm focus exclusively on protecting the rights of the injured and always have. We work with a vast network of medical experts who help us build your case. We are relentless in our pursuit of justice and compensation for the people we help. At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we never lose sight of what’s important – obtaining the compensation you so rightfully deserve to help you move forward on the path of recovery.

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Holding medical personnel responsible for their surgical errors

You don’t have to suffer alone after a surgical error stripped you of your quality of life. The Rocky McElhaney Law firm always fights for your rights. We’ve protected our clients in Nashville, Knoxville and Hendersonville and around Tennessee through the years, and we want to protect you, too. To schedule a free consultation regarding your case, please call 615-425-2500 or fill out our contact form.