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nashville auto accident lawyersFiling a claim after a car accident in Nashville is stressful. There are a lot of things to do, and you’re going to need help. Your injury lawyer is the one who handles the day to day stuff, but every now and then, you might have to meet with another outside professional to help you with your plans.

But who are these people?

Accident reconstruction experts

Depending on the nature of your car crash, your lawyer may work with an accident reconstructionist. Most accident reconstruction is performed by the police department or other law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction of the crash scene. However, there are outside firms that handle accident reconstruction and your attorney might bring in an outside firm to compare their results to those of the police department. This person will review pictures of the scene of the crash, any available videos, and the damage to your car to determine what exactly happened before, during, and after a collision.

Medical professionals

Your attorney will consult with a multitude of medical professionals when building your car accident claim in Nashville. Not only will your attorney speak with your treating doctors – the family doctor, emergency room doctors, specialists, therapists, psychologists and more – but he or she may also work with specialists in your field of injury. For example, if you sustained a traumatic brain injury, your lawyer may work with a brain injury specialist, or someone who works with caretakers, to determine what types of difficulties you may face in the future.

Economic experts

Many people don’t realize how important it is to have a financial planner involved in the construction of your car accident claim. This professional can help assess the extent of your losses in comparison to what you have and what you have earned. He or she can also help accurately value those losses, so that you can make a just request.


Was your accident caused by a defective road, a missing traffic sign, a malfunctioning traffic light or other issue with the road? If so, an engineer will be crucial to your car accident claim. An engineer will be able to examine the scene of the crash and determine what was missing that could have led to the crash. For example, was the brush from the side of the road overgrown, hiding a sign? Maybe the lines dividing travel lanes were not visible. Maybe the traffic lights malfunctioned, causing the two vehicles to collide in the middle of the intersection. If any of this happened, an engineer would testify that one or more of these had an impact on your crash.

Were you injured in a car accident in Nashville? If so, it’s important to understand how experts outside of the legal and insurance industries can help your claim. Call Rocky McElhaney Law Firm at 615-425-2500 or complete the contact form on our website to schedule a consultation today. With offices in Nashville, Hendersonville, and Knoxville, we are always close by and ready to help.